Privacy Policy

We value your interest in us with your sensitive data. We value your privacy very much. We hope that this privacy notice explains what material we gather, how we employ it, and also what obligations you have in connection to it as clearly as possible. We hope you will take the time to read it thoroughly since it is critical.


You acknowledge that your access to our Website and/or the Works, or the violation of any property rights or other privilege of any person by you or anyone else using your computer, may subject us to claims, demands, competitive rates, fees, or setbacks, including sensible attorneys' fees, arising in any way, whether in some way.

Contractual Limitations

You understand that by using our Website and/or the Works, you or any other individual using your computer may violate someone else's property rights or other rights, which might result in us being held liable for any resulting claims, demands, costs, or damages, including reasonable lawyers' expenses.

Contracts Disclaim

To the maximum extent authorized by law, the Contract disclaims any guarantees, guarantees, conditions, and other terms that could otherwise be inferred by legislation or common law. Nothing in these Terms restricts or disclaims our duty for any harm or liability you may suffer as a result of our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or for any death or bodily injury brought on by our carelessness.


If any of the following Terms are ever determined by any of the competent courts to be void, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be treated as modified or reduced but only to the significant degree modestly necessary to conform to the laws of such jurisdiction and also to prevent such provision from being void. All other things being equal, each clause shall be construed as severable and will not in any way influence the other clauses in these terms.

Dispute Resolution

If a disagreement arises out of or in relation with these provisions or any contract you have with us, you undertake to first seek to resolve the problem through mediation together with us in good conscience before proceeding with arbitration or court proceedings.